Seth Gartland
Senior Conservation Specialist

Seth is our go-to guy for highly specialized and complex conservation treatments and methodologies. Since joining Materials Conservation in 2009 2009 he has coordinated the conservation of six massive Alexander Stirling Calder terracotta sculptures, as well as cataloged, cleaned, and reassembled 450 component parts of Homage to Performing Arts at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Center. Since Seth steps up with highly creative conservation solutions, we hand him the complex projects.

Seth earned his degree in evolutionary anthropology from Rutgers University and worked as a field archaeologist and lab technician before bridging into conservation. He studied sculpture at The Art Institute of Boston, and worked alongside master metals conservators, giving Seth a solid foundation for leading conservation teams.

When Seth isn’t wielding a welding torch or crunching calculations for a sculpture relocation, he is out fly fishing. It’s only a matter of time before fish lose, and Seth has both a story and dinner to share when he gets home.