The Dream Garden, Maxfield Parrish & Louis C. Tiffany

Curtis Building, Philadelphia, PA



At the turn of the last century, Publisher Cyrus Curtis wanted his new company headquarters to be distinctive in a city of other notable buildings, so he hired the popular artist Maxfield Parrish to create a design for the entrance lobby. Glass master Louis Comfort Tiffany was asked to translate Parrish’s concept into a glass mosaic mural 15 x 49 feet wide. The collaboration between these reknowned artists resulted in a breathtaking work composed of hundreds of thousands of colored glass tiles.


During the recent transformation of the Curtis Building from offices to residences, Materials Conservation was brought in to protect the masterpiece while construction occurred around it. We performed emergency stabilization so that vibrations from construction activity would not loosen the glass tiles and ensure minimal damage to the substrate. Once improvements to the building were complete, MC returned to carefully clean the work, replacing glass bits that had gone missing over the years and inpainting to perfectly match the original shades that Tiffany chose.

Sukari Keetin