Natalie Karas, AIC-PA
Architectural Conservator

Receiving a box of rocks might not scratch your itch, but for Natalie, who specializes in masonry restoration, a box of rocks beats a bag of chocolates any day. Her expert mortar or masonry analyses inform many a conservation treatment approach. However, Natalie’s skills go far beyond masonry. She’s adept at cataloguing museum artifacts, conserving 17th-century wooden furniture and managing the ongoing conservation of the Yale public art collection.

Natalie received her BA in History from Flagler College and went on to earn her MS in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Design. While at Penn, she interned with Materials Conservation, and in 2014 we happily welcomed her back as a full-time conservator. Today, when heavy boxes arrive at our office, we all know which desk it goes on.