Lee Dunsmore
Conservation Specialist

Lee was working a desk job in an engineering firm when he decided to take his talent in a different direction. He returned to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts to train as a sculptor and ended up teaching there after graduation.

Since joining MC in 2009, Lee’s expertise has proven invaluable. He applies his knowledge of classical technique, materials and style to work in wood, plaster, stone and metals restorations. Over the years, Lee - a natural mold maker and casting artist - has brought his innate understanding of three-dimensions to MC projects. He’s worked on some pretty sweet job sites over the years, as well: Yale University, United States Supreme Court, Longwood Gardens, the PA State Capitol Building and Nemours Estate, to name a few.

Lee doesn’t put down his tools when he goes home: he is lovingly restoring his turn-of-the century West Philadelphia home.