Christ Church Burial Ground & Benjamin Franklin’s Grave


The gravesite of Benjamin Franklin attracts visitors from around the world who come to remember Philadelphia’s most famous citizen. Installed into a granite base in the 1940s, Franklin’s flat marble ledger tablet had begun to crack and warp. Unable to properly shed moisture, its further deterioration was inevitable without intervention. MC carefully removed the marker from its base, redressed the granite and modified it to allow for drainage. The Franklin marker was then reinstalled on a slightly elevated granite plinth after the cracks had been stabilized and filled with a composite repair mortar. With continued maintenance, Franklin’s marker will endure.


Located in the Old City section of Philadelphia and founded in 1719, the burial ground at Christ Church is the final resting place of Benjamin Franklin as well as another four signers of the Declaration of Independence. Materials Conservation has been a trusted partner in the care and maintenance of the historic site. Work has included the creation of a preservation plan, documentation and condition assessment of significant grave markers, reconstruction, loss compensation, consolidation, cleaning, resetting, and repointing. Like having a physician on call, Materials Conservation's team is at the ready to ensure there is a well-maintained and preserved burial ground for future generations.

Sukari Keetin