Terrace Fountain

Private Residence, Cleveland, OH



In the early 1900s when a wealthy Cleveland industrialist engaged architect Charles Platt and landscape architect Warren H. Manning to design his new home, the collaboration produced a masterpiece that is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The lakefront estate features classic design elements perfectly in concert with the surrounding landscape and extensive gardens. However beautiful in the summer months, the shores of Lake Erie are an unforgiving environment during the winter, and maintaining the property can be a challenge.

Materials Conservation was brought in to aid the homeowners with the care and maintenance of the site during its transformation from public garden back to private residence. We first performed a survey of all fountains and sculptures on the estate, prioritizing maintenance requirements and establishing ongoing maintenance cycles that were realistic for a private owner. One of the central features of Platt and Manning’s original design is the cherub fountain on the main terrace. MC completely removed, cleaned and reset all coping stones, and cleaned and repatinated the bronze statue at its center all without disturbing the koi swimming in its basin.

Sukari Keetin