Ben Quinn-Kerins
Conservation Technician

Where some people might entertain themselves reading best-sellers, Ben likes to lose himself in power tool instruction manuals. No joke. That intellectual curiosity, coupled with a fearless approach to new tasks, and breadth of repair and construction know-how, make him essential to our conservation team.

Ben earned his BFA in Sculpture from The University of the Arts, and rounded out his education with stints as a ceramic technician, a mold-maker, and commercial woodshop worker. With those skills, he took part in the restoration of the Larry Rivers ceramic tile mural, fashioning ceramic replicas of the originals; lent locksmithing skills for an historic bank vault conservation; and chipped in on the Pegasus sculpture update.

Not one to kick back often, Ben stays busy in the woodshop or ceramic studio. When he does finally sit down, it’s likely with the users’ manual of our latest hardware purchase.