United States Supreme Court


The Supreme Court, designed by Gilbert Cass, was built between 1932 and 1935. The impressive classical building is constructed out of Imperial White Danby Vermont marble. The West Portico’s sixteen Corinthian columns support a heavily embellished pediment. The statuary in the tympanum was carved in situ by Robert I. Aiken, an artist Cass recommended. Over time, the building has been cleaned several times, but thick black gypsum crusts have still built up and its delicate sculptural elements have begun to disaggregate and deteriorate.

Materials Conservation served as the conservation subcontractor for the Exterior Masonry Restoration project. The scope of our work included laser cleaning and stone consolidation of the column capitals, the ornamental detail in the cornices of the north and south wings and the pediment sculptures: Authority of Law and Contemplation of Justice.

Sukari Keetin