Anthony Ranalli
Conservation Specialist / Fine Arts Painter

Instructor, entrepreneur, and gifted artist, Anthony brings his unerring eye for color and technique to projects such as the re-creation of two stolen historic tableaux in a Stations of the Cross painting series. Lacking any archival references, he deftly imagined what the panels may have looked like to the exaltation of Raleigh, North Carolina’s archdioceses. Now installed in a new catholic cathedral there, it’s unlikely that even an ecclesiastical art historian could recognize the reproductions. Tony lends his talents to more humble work as well, inpainting missing elements, matching historical finishes, and painting in age-old techniques such as scagliola.

With a bachelor’s of fine art from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Anthony helped found Cambridge Street Studios, a classical art atelier that specializes in the study of classical drawing and painting from living models. Tony guest lectures at Pennsylvania State University, where he shares his ongoing research on the physics of light and the observation of nature.