Materials Conservation Co., LLC


Materials Conservation Co., LLC provides professional services, both on-site and in-house, for the conservation of architecture, in-situ art, and movable objects. Working in a variety of contexts, the company addresses the conservation needs of historic buildings and their elements, private and public collections, sculpture, museum objects, mural paintings, and other heritage resources. The firm's mission to preserve material heritage is achieved through our ability to design and implement appropriate responses to conservation issues. Our services include documentation and condition assessment, material testing and analysis, conservation treatments, monitoring and maintenance, and art handling and installation.

Our staff is composed of a versatile group of conservators and craftspeople who share the values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We believe that our unique work is best realized by a multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of expertise, training, and talents. We are also able, where appropriate, to advise and assist our clients on potential opportunities for funding their conservation efforts. Our relationship with a number of scientific research institutions further increase the breadth of our services.

Materials Conservation’s office and conservation studios, located in Philadelphia, are convenient to the metropolitan centers of New York and Washington, DC. Our secure space houses five separate conservation studios, analytical facilities, and at-grade workshops for architectural elements and larger objects.


Photo Credit: Tom Crane Photography