Materials Conservation Co., LLC

Materials Conservation Co., LLC practices methods of documentation consistent with the Historic American Building Survey, the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historical Documentation and the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works’ Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

All of our conservation projects begin and end with documentation. The in-depth understanding of the physical composition of an object or architectural feature, in both its original and deteriorated form, is essential for determining the appropriate conservation approach. Recording pre-treatment conditions offers the opportunity to identify materials and, where necessary, collect information about provenance and history. Standard procedure includes high resolution digital photography however each project requires varying levels of documentation and we often work with several different types of data collection methods and media. In many circumstances we utilize newer technologies for documentation such as 3-D modeling and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This information serves as a baseline that allows change to be monitored over time or at a future date.

An effective assessment of the condition of a building or object involves investigation of its specific materials, the dynamics of its situation in its environment, its relationship to other related objects, components or systems, the impact of past interventions, and the particular deterioration mechanisms that may be at work. Our conservators make use of information from all available sources, including archival material, non-destructive testing and instrumental analysis. The information collected during an assessment is then formulated into practical recommendations. Materials Conservation conservators are also qualified to provide Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) surveys funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



Documentation of pre-treatment conditions at St. Mark’s Church, Philadelphia, PA